Unseen, Chapter 10, Thirsty Seasons

Learning to Long for God’s Presence

“Me you do not have always.”  Mark 14:7


Sara explains her life was anything but normal when they adopted their first two children.  She says she learned to lean into her weaknesses rather than run from them.  And this she explains is what brings us a thirst for God.  How often do we try and walk in our own strength when life gets a little tough?  It is here though that we need to learn to trust Jesus.  We find this trust as we sit in His beautiful presence.  Mary found this.

Thirsting for His Presence

Jesus is gentle and kind even in and especially in our weeping, burdened state.  It is in this thirsty state; however, that we find He will respond to our reaching.  It is here in these places of brokenness and hiddenness that we are moved out of the way in which to allow Him to move in.  And in this place of letting go we will find that it is here we are at our best.  Allowing this process to take place we can truly blossom in who Jesus has created us to be.

Thirst  “As the deer pants for the water brooks, so pants my soul for You, O God.”  Psalm 42:1

I love Sara’s commentary of this verse from a very real perspective.  She suggests not just seeing a deer drinking water in a serene landscape but envisioning the deer as ravishingly thirsty.  As if the deer is racing from death seeking passionately water with which is life for the animal.  Doesn’t that change your whole perspective on this verse?  How desperate are we for His presence?  Are we ravishingly thirsty?  Sara reminds us when we feel God is not with us, these are the times we actually grow.  She encourages us to hold on and allow the process to take place and this will turn into the greatest fulfillment of God.

The breaches in our lives

We all have moments of times when we feel worthless and unable to perform all the needs around us.  But how many of us see these as times of thirsting?  We cannot allow these feelings to bring us to shame.  Sara assures us, it is okay to feel vulnerable.  First, we must allow ourselves to feel and then take our hurts and vulnerabilities to The Lord.  When we do this, what we walk away with is Him speaking to us in a way that hydrates us and encourages us in our daily walk. 


Thirst is our ally . ~Sara Hagerty


Sara explains here that being thirsty is good and that this thirst is something we should desire.  She tells us our thirst is what draws us to God.  I love how she explains this.  “The thirsty don’t just find God, they thrive in God.”  As Sara said in chapter 7, here on Earth is practice for what is to come.  The water Jesus gives us here on Earth is in preparation for what will someday be. 

Mary knew what was about to happen to her Jesus.  The Jesus she loved.  She understood this thirst and had actually been through several stages of it.  She had moved from thirst to fulfillment and back to thirst again.  However, she knew the forever in her future.  And the longing for this forever is what made her keep moving on.  It was this night she found her cup overflowing and here she allowed this overflow to be poured out at her Savior’s feet. 

Allowing our Healer to heal us

Sara explains through watching her children that by preventing the hurts of life to be felt would prevent the beautiful infilling of God and His Spirit to bring healing.  We all need God and His healing.  When we admit this and come to Him in all our vulnerability the greatest thing happens, we find Him, our healer.

I would love to hear how this chapter touched your heart. 


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