Unseen, Chapter 11, God Is For Us

Healing In The Hiding

“She has done what she could.”  Mark 14:8

God used the adoption of children and buried places in those children’s hearts to teach Sara about healing.  Her daughter had hidden pains that no one else knew of.  Sara and Nate had cried out to The Lord for healing to come to this child’s heart.  And after many months of praying, they saw an answer to their heart’s cry.  There were so many hurts this child had gone through from the moment of her birth.  The depth of that pain could have been overwhelming.  Sara and Nate, through God’s Spirit, led this child to healing.  What God did as icing on the top though was that He brought healing to Sara’s heart as well.  

Sara learned from this experience with her daughter that we all need healing.  There are places of brokenness, hurt, and pain in each of us. These places which leave us empty.  Sara found that she was in an empty place where her heart had been scarred, yet she had learned to “make do” and live life as normal.  As she finally acknowledged this brokenness though, The Lord brought ultimate healing.  

the sting of words
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    What Do We Do With Those Words Which Sting?

We don’t have to have lived in a far away country to know the kind of brokenness Sara’s daughter experienced.  This pain comes throughout even the most comfortable lives.  The chatter and criticism we often confront from those closest to us can hurt deeply.  Sara learned and is teaching us that it is here in these times of pain that we need to not only look to God for comfort but also to look for Him for healing.  She learned to ask in these times of pain, Lord, “what is it in me that You want to heal?  What is it in me that needs Your touch because these words hurt?”

We have made ourselves believe a lie when we accept the parts of us we think are “just part of my personality”.  Sara teaches us these are places The Lord will come in, as we allow Him, and heal us.  We have learned from Sara throughout this book it is Him we should seek the accolades our heart desires.  But we also need to grab a hold of the fact that it is His perspective we should seek and not those around us.  If we are all honest with ourselves we will have to admit our fear of other’s opinions of us.  This worry can bring devastating effects on our lives.  But healing comes, as Sara tells us when we acknowledge our brokenness to God.  

Wholeness and Healing

Mary reached out and grabbed a hold of this healing as she sat at the feet of Jesus.  Here she found what would make her whole.  This wholeness Mary found we can also find.  And in the same way, by sitting at our Savior’s feet.  Sara explains that as Mary found healing she was at the same time preparing Jesus for His own healing, and ultimately healing for each of us.  A perfect example of trusting and taking seriously our part in the kingdom of God.  How might we affect those around us by our words and actions?

Sara tells us about a time when she realized a piece of her broken spirit laid in the death of her earthly father years before.  The void that this had created she tried to hide from and never healed from.  It took a while but she said The Lord healed her and brought such peace after a long time of enduring this pain.  When the healing finally took place she was able to step back and realize God hadn’t just healed her so that she would be more useful to His kingdom but He healed her so that she would recognize Him as her Healer.

restoration  Restoration

Sara says when our wounds are healed by the Healer our lives take on a newness that is incomparable to anything the world has to offer.  You see, when God heals us we are completely restored but this restoration is better than we were even before.  God doesn’t half-way do anything.  He is GOD.

In our brokenness, we are not kept from His love but actually, are drawn to Him as a result of this.  His healing begins on the inside and then manifests itself on the outside.  This is true healing. Are you at a place of brokenness?  I encourage you to sit at The Lord’s feet and allow Him to bring total healing as only He can.

If you have a testimony on brokenness and healing I invite you to share with others.  Your testimony may be what brings someone to The Healer.  Please share.


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