Unseen, Chapter 7, Secret Extravagance

When Jesus Showed Up At The Airport

Sara begins this chapter by telling a story when she was away on business.  Her trip had come to an end and she was headed to the airport for her flight home.  As she entered the airport she asked God to meet her here.  She was hungry and headed to a restaurant within the airport.  She sat down and noticed a man sitting next to her.  He looked to be older and was dressed in business attire.  She ordered and as the waitress brought her food out she noticed the man sitting next to her had ordered the same thing.  Sara tried to say something about this to the man but she was drowned out by the PA system. 

Tree Grafting     

As she sat eating she picked up the book she had been reading.  The author of the book was making references to tree grafting in comparison to abiding in Jesus from John, chapter 15.  However, it was all becoming jumbled in her mind from the long, exhausting day of meetings.  As she was sitting there she felt a prompt in her mind to ask the man sitting next to her to explain tree grafting.  

She was taken back by this.  As much as she had wanted to hear from God she was afraid of embarrassment that she may not have heard correctly.  But soon she convinced herself she would never see this man again and would take the plunge.  So, she proceeded to ask him if he knew anything about grafting.  His response took her by surprise.  Tears welled up in the man’s eyes and he informed her that he had majored in agriculture in college and minored in grafting but had since moved away from what he once had enjoyed so much.  After this, he began telling her in a vivid descriptive way of the grafting process.

Surprised By His Voice

Sara was not sure whether she was more surprised that the urge she had sensed from God about speaking to this man was actually from Him or the fact that God had actually met her in the airport as she had asked Him to do so. Sara learned a lot from this experience.  God is most interested in communion with each of us privately.  She understood that nothing could compare to this level of relationship with The Lord.  At one time she would have considered it wasteful to have had this kind of experience when she had so much “legitimate” work to do, but here she found this hiddenness a gift.  She learned that “God’s currency is communion”.

This is exactly what Mary knew as she poured out the fragrant Spikenard oil from the jar onto Jesus’ feet.  How dare she be so wasteful when the cost of the oil would have done so much for the poor.  Others in the room were accusing her of this waste.  But Mary was not moved by their comments, for her heart was turned to The One who was worth all the waste these others were speaking of.  For they said it was waste, but Jesus called it precious.  And what could be better than to have His approval?

Lord, I have loved the habitation of Your house, and the place where Your glory dwells.  Psalm 26:8, NIV

Sitting at the feet of Jesus is rich because it is where He is.  When we take the time to sit for a while and learn to abide in His Presence we realize there is nothing to compare to this sweet, fragrant place of deep communion.  Sara points out that when we someday “cross over to Heaven, we won’t discover a new, mysterious craving for God.”  For that is what our time here on Earth is for.  It is here, sitting at His feet, where we develop this habit.  

In order to accomplish this ability to abide in His Presence, we must be hidden to society.   And to accomplish this act of abiding, to remain in this love we find in God, we must willingly choose to turn from the world’s ways.  We must separate ourselves from the world’s ways of finding importance and rely solely on Him and His leading.  This is what Sara found the day at the airport.

For some, our daily lives may feel like an entrapment.  How many of us ask ourselves, “Is this all there is?”.  If we are honest, as Sara was, we can probably all admit to feeling this at times.  We are constantly seeking the things which are measurable to the world’s eyes.  But what if it has nothing to do with what the world calls important, but has everything to do with simply hiding in Jesus in those places we are only with Him and only have His eyes upon us?  

This is extravagant love poured out for Jesus.  I invite you to lean into this place of hiddenness to allow His Voice to change your life.  

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