Unseen, Chapter 9, Voices

Hearing God’s Truth Above the Criticism and Chatter

And they criticized her sharply” . Mark 14:5, NKJV

We are all guilty of allowing the chatter and criticism of others to dictate who we are.  We take to heart so much of what our ears intake.  If we are looked down upon by someone who is on the outside of our circle, sometimes we can let this go.  However, when the criticism comes from someone close, this changes the whole dynamics.  Those mean words sting and bring pain.  The resulting pain is hurt and leads to anger.  Sara teaches us in this chapter that in these places of pain is a place of hiddenness God invites us.

Sometimes going to The Lord after we’ve been hurt is the last thing we think of.  But, this is exactly where we need to run, crawling up into the lap of The One whose opinion matters most.  When those places within our hearts are hurt, finding true comfort will only be found in Jesus.  His eyes are the ones who will look at us and pour His great love out upon us.  This love that melts every hurt within us. 

Seeking Man’s Accolades Above God’s

We so desire being accepted and because of this, we search for man’s approval in everything.  But,  it is only through God that we will find satisfaction in our heart’s desire for accolades.  Mary was hungrily searching for the right thing.  However, the criticizing voices around her were coming from the people she knew well.  She could have listened to the chatter around her. Those criticizing words which could have cut deep into her heart.  What Mary knew though was that she was there for Jesus.  Period.  

But where do we find God’s accolades our hearts search for?  Sara points us again to those hidden places.  We tend to lose our minds when there are too many white spaces in our heads and on our calendars.  But what we don’t realize is that those white spaces are what roots out places for God.  Sara assures us that in these hidden places is where we will learn to only look for His approval and ultimately desire it as well.

The thoughts that don’t bow to God will give permission to another god. ~Sara Hagerty

Sara tells us that every thought matters.  We must not be naive about this.  Our mundane to-do-lists and our schedules will only deplete our rest and peace from God.  And listening to the world’s chatter prevents us from being able to find His place of rest.  Sara actually reminds us those white spaces of “unproductiveness” are actually gifts from God.  It is here He wishes to meet with us.  Allowing the chatter in our heads to condemn us gives the enemy a foothold.  We are all well aware of the Scripture in Ephesians which tells us, “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood” (Ephesians 6:12).  The enemy, who brings condemnation, will take those things which can bring glory to God in our lives and bring destruction through his lies.  

I love how Sara explains God’s Voice as the enemy of our souls accuse us.  “Engage with Me in the place where you feel less-than or ashamed.  I’ll breathe My truth over your dark thoughts.”  Isn’t that beautiful?  God isn’t condemning us.  It is the enemy who brings this condemnation upon us.  Sara gives us some helpful suggestions to stand up to the enemy when he attacks.

  • Jot down the self-defeating thoughts.
  • Speak truth to yourself by finding truth in His Word
  • Repent for agreeing with the thoughts which do not line up with His Word,
  • Repent for agreeing with lies and disregarding the hope of Jesus
  • Ask God to deepen your prayer life

Victors in the battle

Sara reminds us the Psalms are life and should be read daily.  When we are filled with anxious thoughts we should read the Psalms and allow the truth of His Word to overwhelm our soul.  By allowing the Psalms or any Biblical truth to fill the white spaces in our lives we become victors in the battle.  

Relinquishing to the chatter in your mind

It is our choice to let go of the chatter.  This chatter is oftentimes just found in our minds but can also be from the enemy or even loved ones.  It is hard, but we must realize as Mary did, that the only voice that matters is The Lord’s voice.  If you’ve allowed the enemy or others to influence your thinking by their chatter, won’t you allow The Lord to speak His Words over you?  I encourage you, as Sara did in this chapter to begin reading in Psalms and applying the truth from His Word to permeate the hurt places in your heart.  Please feel free to comment below to share and encourage.


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